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LaCucina will offer you new and exciting ways to succeed in DeFi with NFTs

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There was a magnetic pull from the very beginning… and so LaCucina and Beefy finance came together for a union that offers more and can take you to the moon and beyond!

Enjoy extra rewards without moving a muscle!
External Farming just landed!

You’ll get access to exclusive benefits without staking anything at LaCucina! It’s simple, if you have staked at some of the top DEXs out there, come to LaCucina, connect your wallet and collect your LAC rewards.

Did you farm in the past few months? Come and see what’s waiting for you in our Ovens!

If you have provided liquidity in some of the top swaps in DeFi, you can come and collect your rewards at LaCucina.

Discover Secret Ingredients!
NFTs with real utility are here.

Secret Ingredient NFTs arrive weekly, fresh from Space. Each one has its own nutritional values. Secret ingredients can be combined to create boosting Dishes.

Create a Dish NFT & boost your rewards!

Combine up to 5 Secret Ingredients to create your own booster Dish that you can activate in the ovens in order to increase your proportion of LAC tokens.

Genesis Talien NFT

The Talien race is very happy to be here. Mint your own Genesis Talien NFT for Free. Enjoy the special benefits of being a Talien in LaCucina.

Only available for the first 10,000 mints. Join Discord before they are all gone.

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White Paper

How LaCucina is building the future of DeFi. Read the latest whitepaper here